Explore with Kids: Gooseberry Mound Park

gooseberry mound park

For a unique park experience full of nature fun, visit Gooseberry Mound Park in Moorhead! Play, hike, bike, and explore in this large park near the Red River. 

Gooseberry Mound Park

Location: 100 22nd Ave S, Moorhead, MN

This large park is located just across the Red River in Moorhead. A wooden lift bridge connects Gooseberry Park with Fargo’s Lindenwood Park

What to do:

Bike or walk the paved trails.

Gooseberry Mound Park

Explore the playground area. It has many unique structures, including a maze for kids to explore!

Enjoy scenic views of the Red River through the woodsy trails. And try cross country skiing or fat tire bikes in the winter.

Why we love it:

Gooseberry Park has a large playground area for kids of all ages. With many slides and climbing opportunities. And includes a small section of nature-inspired play structures in a woodsy area that encourages creative play.

Just off the I-94 in Moorhead, this park is easily accessible.

Gooseberry Park is right on the Red River, with scenic views and fun walking paths nearby.

There are paved trails that are great for biking. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try the mountain biking trail.

Tons of mature trees, good for climbing, providing shade, or as a background for family photos. Make sure to pack a blanket and picnic lunch! 

Lots of open, grassy space for kids (and pets!) to run. 

You can bring a bike or scooter and head across the river to Lindenwood Park and Playground, for even more play! 

Gooseberry Mound Park

Good to know:

Gooseberry Park is open 10:00 a.m.- 10:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

There’s a nearby covered shelter (available for reservation from May 1- September 30) with picnic tables and restrooms.

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