Caitlin Stoecker

After meeting here during college, Caitlin and her husband, Tanner, settled in North Fargo and live a pretty upper-midwestern life full of trying to appreciate the small adventures. As a mom to a son born in 2017 and a daughter born in 2021, Caitlin tries to balance all of the mommy things with taking time for what makes her a human outside of being a wife and mother. Along with spending her days working as a program manager, she enjoys finding unique family experiences in the Fargo-Moorhead area, volunteering, reading, and simply being honest about the realities of motherhood in all its vehement glory.
champagne facial

Why I Loved My Luxurious Champagne Facial {+ PROMO CODE just for Moms!}

You guys — I think I've found it.  The perfect blend of the relaxation and pampering of a spa facial with the actually-does-something-effects of a hydrafacial.  The Champagne Facial at Ellery Milan Beauty was a true...

3 Things I Don’t Give a Crap About Anymore

I’m called a lot of things.  Some of the labels may sound familiar to you — Type A. Inflexible. Perfectionist. Structured.  And that could be accurate because I put a lot of pressure on myself, especially...

Playdates Are Awkward Blind Dates with Moms

I thought I was done dating. But I was wrong. Now my kids are setting me up on blind dates with their friends’ moms (and sometimes dads, too). Ugh. I miss the days of playdates being...
activities for toddlers

3 Simple Play Activities for Toddlers

We all know our toddlers' attention span isn't the greatest yet, and it can be tough to keep them engaged for a while. I found these three simple (but fun!) activities for toddlers can...

Finding Peace in Organizing the Chaos

I can't be the only one.   I can't be the only person who finds peace in organizing chaos. Looking at a mess and rearranging all of the stuff feels natural to me.   I've been called an...
NDSU display gardens

Explore with Kids: NDSU Display Gardens

Are you looking for a new FREE place to entertain your kids this summer? Wait, what kind of question is that? More often than not, the answer is, 'yes!' NDSU Display Gardens If you are a 'yes,'...

Non-Profit Spotlight: Homeward Animal Shelter

We are lucky to have many options for bringing pets into our lives throughout the region. Especially non-profits that provide the opportunity to foster and adopt animals.  I think it is terrific that there...

More than Books and Wine: 3 Reasons I Love My Book Club

I hope every person can find the thing that sets their brain on fire and makes their heart happy. That includes you, Momma!    Joining my friend’s book club was one of my best life choices....

The Unexpected Joy in Gifting Hand-Me-Downs

There are some obvious benefits of gifting hand-me-downs. It frees up space in the home and helps the recipient save money. It also keeps items from ending up in landfills, fulfilling our '90s childhood mantra...
last bag of breastmilk

The Last Bag of Breastmilk

The very last bag of breastmilk. I'm holding it in my hand. I'm staring down at it. I feel a knot growing in my throat right above my collarbone. How could this possibly be it? How...