Anna Wischer

Anna Wischer
Anna is a Fargo native and currently practices family law. She lives in Fargo with her husband William, Goldendoodle Rory, and two children, Kensington and West. Anna is passionate about building connections in motherhood, because she didn't realize how much she needed other moms around her until she became one herself. In her free time, she enjoys cycling classes, yoga, reading, and the Green Bay Packers (even though they break her heart every year). Anna's guilty pleasures include Bravo reality TV and a good glass of Prosecco.

How to Visit 50 Playgrounds This Summer (Bucket List Included!)

A few years ago, my husband decided to take my daughter to 50 different playgrounds in one summer. They accomplished that goal, and it was a good excuse to explore Fargo and surrounding areas. Now...

6 Favorite Restaurants in Lakes Country

From Memorial Day to Labor Day each year, it seems like the Fargo-Moorhead area empties out on the weekends to head west on Highway 10. Detroit Lakes and surrounding areas are busy places to...
Celebrate every day.

Why We Celebrate the Little Things

Like many other moms, I feel the pressure to make holidays and other big milestones magical for my children. Oftentimes this results in me being overwhelmed and just giving up on whatever big ideas...
best memberships fargo

Best Memberships in Fargo That Are Worth It for Families

Our area has some of the best memberships in Fargo for families to take advantage of. Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s worth it to purchase a family membership versus a one-time pass....
Santa Village Fargo

Santa Village in Fargo: Our Favorite Holiday Tradition

Santa Village at Rheault Farm One of my family’s favorite things to do each holiday season is visit Santa Village in Fargo at Rheault Farm.  I actually started attending this event long before I had...
Christmas gift ideas for grandparents.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

The Christmas season can bring a lot of joy, but a lot of stress as well. Between planning get-togethers, attending children’s school events, and trying to remember to make every moment magical, things can...
Gluten-free in Fargo.

Eating Gluten-Free in Fargo & Moorhead

For the first 30 years of my life, I never paid any attention to the words “gluten-free.” My family ate gluten-filled bread, pizza, pasta and thought nothing of it. But then two years ago, my...
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Fun Places to Get a Drink in Fargo

I love catching up with girlfriends, or having the rare date night — add in a fun cocktail and appetizer and it’s even better! Here are some of my favorite places to get a...
Fitness in Fargo.

Boutique Fitness: Smaller Workout Studios in Fargo-Moorhead

I'll admit it— I love working out. But that hasn't always been the case. When I was in college, there was a beautiful, brand new wellness center available and I probably went there a total...

Day Trip from Fargo: Tamarac Wildlife Refuge

Tamarac Wildlife Refuge Tamarac Wildlife Refuge is a hidden gem located in Lakes Country, Minnesota, and is one of my family’s favorite places. This Wildlife Refuge was established in 1938, with the purpose of serving as...