Fun Places to Get a Drink in Fargo

places to get a drink in Fargo
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I love catching up with girlfriends, or having the rare date night — add in a fun cocktail and appetizer and it’s even better! Here are some of my favorite places to get a drink in Fargo:

Places to Get a Drink in Fargo

1. Plaza Azteca

Plaza Azteca is an amazing Mexican restaurant with two locations in Fargo. My absolute favorite drink at Plaza Azteca is a skinny margarita — it’s not too sweet and doesn’t feel syrupy.

I have also tried and can recommend the sparkle margarita, which is served with a small bottle of Prosecco. The margaritas come in massive glasses so just be aware you are probably only having one! Plaza Azteca does have margarita flights, which comes with four small glasses of different flavors of margaritas. I’ve been tempted by this, but have a hard time straying from the skinny margarita.

Any of these options pair amazingly well with the chips, salsa, and made at the table guacamole.

2. Beer & Fish Company

Beer and Fish Company is a restaurant located in Roberts Alley, in Downtown Fargo. The drink menu has some creative cocktails, but my personal favorite from Beer and Fish is the Prosecco that is on tap.

For non-alcoholic options, try their Volcanic Lemonade during the summer and hot chocolate (topped with whipped cream and chocolate!) in the winter.

The food is amazing as well — if you like seafood, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. For me, a glass of Prosecco and a lobster roll are the perfect meal!

This place is always busy and is just a really enjoyable atmosphere.

3. Crafty Taps

Crafty Taps is a new spot in the West Acres food court. It’s a smaller area featuring self-pour beer and wine options.

Upon entering, the host checks your ID, runs your credit card, and gives you a card that activates the tap options. You can pour as little or as much as you want, and you can get multiple glasses to try a little bit of everything.

When I went to Crafty Taps, I had a few ounces of a seltzer and a few ounces of Kenny’s Lemonade from Fargo Brewing Company. As an indecisive person, I liked having the opportunity to try multiple options without committing to a full glass.

Crafty Taps does have seating, and you can bring in any food purchased at the food court.  I personally enjoy sitting at the high-top tables and doing a little people watching. It’s also right across from Lululemon, so I used it as a perfect excuse to do a little shopping after!

4. Rosewild

With two kids, I honestly don’t get out much. So when I do, sometimes it’s fun to have an excuse to go all out. Rosewild is the perfect place for that!

It’s located in downtown Fargo in the Jasper Hotel. Rosewild has an amazing dinner menu but if you just want to sit at the bar or outside (weather-permitting) and have a drink, it’s a great place for that as well.

The menu has “classic” and “creative” sections. My favorite is the Fargo Fling — it’s made out of aquavit, a Norwegian spirit, made by Proof Artisan Distillers in Fargo.

Rosewild also has an extensive list of mocktail options, listed under the “Dry Bar” section on the menu. The Wellness Mocktail is delicious and refreshing!

Other Top Favorites

701 Eateries

Head upstairs to Camp Lonetree for some fun drink options, or sit at the bar in Prairie Kitchen to enjoy a signature drink.


From craft beer to wine (and even coffee!), this is a great go-to spot for a drink.

Wild Terra

More than just cider, this great spot offers a rotating. menu of fun cocktails!

The Noble Hare

While they are know for their whiskey, this new spot in downtown West Fargo offers some great cocktail and wine options.

Or, make a drink at home!

And of course, sometimes it’s honestly too much work to get out of the house. My favorite at-home cocktail is an Aperol spritz — there are few ingredients involved, and it looks more impressive than it really is. It’s also delicious!

The only ingredients you need are Prosecco, Aperol (buy a small bottle, you don’t need a ton and you’ll have it forever), and club soda (I actually use LaCroix or any other sparkling water I have in the fridge). Fill your glass with ice, and add equal parts Aperol and Prosecco, plus a splash of club soda/sparkling water. Garnish with an orange if you’re feeling fancy, and you will feel like you’re right out of White Lotus season two.

Cheers, my friends!

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Do you have favorite places to get a drink in Fargo that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments!
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