30 Free Things to Do in Fargo this Summer!

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Summer can get expensive. With the kids home from school eating all the snacks, activity fees, summer camps, family trips, and all sorts of other expenses, I can’t be the only one whose budget is getting stretched. I am always looking for more free things to do in Fargo!

Luckily, our community has so much to offer that is completely free! Below you’ll find 30 ways to have some family fun this summer in Fargo-Moorhead, without spending a penny! 

Free Things to Do in Fargo & Moorhead

  1. Park Adventure

Fargo-Moorhead is home to hundreds of local parks! Make a plan to scope out some new parks this summer (or check out our favorite parks here!); try to go to one new park each week, or visit every park within a certain radius of your home! Here are links to listings of all local parks in Moorhead, Fargo, and West Fargo.

2. Splash Pad

Visit the splash pad at Shadow Wood Park in West Fargo. Spend the day enjoying this park, which is also home to a playground, basketball courts, trails, and more! We also have a list of other splash pads here. 

3. Blue Eagle Lake Beach

The Blue Eagle Lake swimming beach is fun for the whole family! Located only about 30 minutes from Fargo, this is a great way to spend a hot summer day. For more nearby swimming beaches, check out our guide!

4. Fishing

Try your hand at catching a walleye or catfish in the Red River! Dike East Park in Fargo is a good local spot for fishing. We’ve got a list of them all here!

5. Wading Pools

While most swimming pools require a small entrance fee, there are several free wading pools in Moorhead to explore with young children. Hansmann Park, Northeast Park, Ridgewood Park, Riverview Estates Park, South Park, and Village Green Park all have wading pools. We also have a list of all local pools here!

6. Roller Blading

Spend a few hours rollerblading around your neighborhood! A great spot for rollerblading (with flat sidewalks) is Rendezvous Park in West Fargo. Or visit a local bike path to get some rollerblading in! 

7. Local Libraries

Moorhead, Fargo, and West Fargo all have excellent libraries and offer summer reading programs for kids. For more information on summer library activities, see Summer Reading Opportunities in Fargo & Moorhead.

8. Book Walks

The Fargo Library has sponsored two outdoor “book walks” that provide a fun outdoor reading opportunity for kids. These are located in the space between the Downtown Fargo Library and the Civic Center, and at Brunsdale Park in South Fargo.  

9. Farmers Markets

Fargo-Moorhead has several wonderful farmers markets during the summer months! And the Red River Market often has free live music and other entertainment. For a full roundup of Farmers Markets in the area, see our guide to Farmers Markets In & Around Fargo.

10. West Acres Mall

For some rainy day fun, take a stroll around West Acres Mall. Blow off some steam in the kid’s play area in the food court, or kids can play and explore at Legacy Toys!  

11. Tour NDSU Outdoors

Use this map for a self-guided walking tour around NDSU and learn to identify some local trees along the way!  

12. Take a Hike

MB Johnson Park in Moorhead is a wonderful place to go hiking and enjoy scenic views of the Red River. Or check out one of these local hiking spots. If you’re looking for some great day-trip hikes, we’ve got a list here!

13. Indoor Play

There are many indoor play places at local restaurants, coffee shops, and more. Fargo Mom has a great “Indoor Play Guide” here. While there are fees for some of the activities, there are several free options as well.  

14. Plains Art Museum

Visit this art museum in downtown Fargo; there’s no admission fee! Enjoy a stroll downtown after your visit.  

15. Frisbee Golf

While there are many frisbee golf courses in the FM area, a local favorite is Woodlawn Park in Moorhead.  

16. Grand Forks Greenway

Take a day trip to Grand Forks! The Greenway is 2,200 acres of natural open space with multiple parks, campgrounds, disc golf, trails, fishing, and more. Bring along a picnic lunch and enjoy the outdoors. It’s just a short road trip away! 

17. Skate Park

Have the kids grab their scooters, skateboards, or bikes and head to the Dike West Skate Park!  

18. Fly a Kite

My favorite kite flying spot in town is Southside Regional Park in Moorhead. Find a large, open, windy spot and go for it! If you don’t have a kite, check out these instructions for making your own out of a garbage bag.

19. Children’s Garden

Find a sunny afternoon and take a stroll through the many beautiful gardens right here in North Fargo! There’s a park near the Children’s Garden to spend some extra time at as well. 

20. Rourke Art Gallery & Museum

This art museum on Main Avenue in Moorhead is free and open to the public! While the hours are limited, it’s worth a trip to check out the rotating galleries.  

21. Picnic

Pack a lunch and head to a local park for a picnic with your kids!  My favorite picnic spot is Island Park in Fargo. Check out the playground, tennis courts, and walking paths after your meal.  

22. Outdoor Workout

Get some exercise in while the kids play on a playground! Willow Park, Milwaukee Trail North Park, and Kennedy Park in Fargo all have outdoor exercise equipment.

23. Basketball

Play a family game of basketball in your own driveway or one of the many local parks! Ridgewood Park in Moorhead has great basketball courts, as do many of our area parks and schools.  

24. Community Events

Keep your eye on the Fargo Mom Community Calendar for upcoming community events! While some of the events on the calendar are fee-based, there are many that are free of charge.  

25. Free Movies!

Check out our list for local free and cheap kid’s movies happening this summer!

26. Geocaching

Check out our article on geocaching to get started on an outdoor treasure hunting adventure! There are many geocaches in our area, and searching for them is a great way to explore the outdoors.  

27. Street Art

One of my favorite free things to do in Fargo – Downtown Fargo is home to some amazing murals! See how many painted walls you can find strolling around with your family. You might find some great photo ops! Check out our article to find a free printable map. 

28. Roger Maris Museum

Located in the West Acres Mall, this free museum is a fun spot to check out for baseball fans. It’s definitely a hidden gem of free things to do in Fargo!   

29. Painted Bison Hunt

You may have noticed the occasional painted bison while driving around town. Check out this map of where to find all of them for a fun family scavenger hunt! 

30. Bird Watching

Fargo-Moorhead is home to a wide variety of beautiful birds! The local Audubon Society recommends these locations for the best bird watching in our area.

Here’s to a summer of free fun for you and your family! For a fun printable to make a list of your activities, see our Summer Bucket List. 

For more free things to do in Fargo, check out our Ultimate Guide to Summer in Fargo & Moorhead!

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Hannah Osland
Hannah is a proud mom to Walter (2022), and is married to her loving husband Jordan. Originally from the Twin Cities, Hannah relocated to Fargo in 2018 and currently resides in Moorhead. Hannah has had the privilege of being a foster mom to two wonderful children. As a hospice RN, she is passionate about promoting comfort, meaning, and joy across all stages of life. Her happy place is sitting next to any body of water with a hot cup of coffee and a great book.


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