Where to Find Mediterranean Food in Fargo & Moorhead

Mediterranean food

I’ll admit it, growing up eating Greek food has spoiled me. When I moved here, I was hoping to find a Mediterranean restaurant in Fargo that felt like home. 

Roast chicken and potatoes was a staple in my house. And it wasn’t until I was an adult and saw it on a menu as “Greek style chicken” that I even knew there were other ways to make chicken!  

And one of my favorite restaurants in my hometown flies in fresh fish from the Mediterranean daily.

Not only am I nostalgic for the food, but it’s consistently ranked one of the healthiest diets in the world, as evidenced by Ikaria, an island in Greece that boasts the most centenarians

Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve sought out Greek or Mediterranean cuisines for that “taste of home.” And believe it or not, I’ve found some fantastic local options, even 5,000 miles from the Mediterranean Sea. 

Mediterranean Food in Fargo & Moorhead

1.  GP’s Greek Kitchen

Kicking off the list at number one is none other than GP’s Greek Kitchen. This casual spot was ranked #1 for best Greek restaurant in ND and it’s no surprise! Not only is it delicious, but owner and chef, George, is from Greece, and a one-man show in the kitchen.

With large portions and minimal seating, your best bet is to order several dishes to go, and serve them up “family style” at home. 

Recommendations: Shrimp Santorini or Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves).

2. Tati’s Mediterranean Saveur

The newest Mediterranean restaurant to hit the scene is Tati’s Mediterranean Saveur
Serving up authentic Lebanese cuisine in a warm and inviting atmosphere, Tati’s, located at The Lights in West Fargo, is the perfect spot for a date or girls night!

Order a bunch of small plates and a bottle of wine for the full Mediterranean experience. 

Recommendations: Pepper Hummus or Fish Tajeen.

3. Ishtar Mediterranean Cuisine

Coming in at number three is Ishtar Mediterranean Cuisine. Nestled right in downtown Fargo, it’s a great place for a quick bite between shopping. And they have a kids menu and also vegetarian options to satisfy all palates. Mediterranean food

Recommendations: Tiropita or the Mixed Platter for a little bit of everything.

4. Cafè Aladdin

This list wouldn’t be complete without Cafè Aladdin. This south Fargo spot has been a staple in the FM area for over 25 years! And they offer all the Mediterranean classics for dine-in as well as delivery! 

Recommendations: Classic gyro or chicken kebab.

5. Newroz Kebab

Rounding out the list is Newroz Kebab. They’ve been dishing up delicious Kurdish cuisine for three years in south Moorhead and show no signs of slowing down. With diner vibes and a balance of spices, Newroz is a great place for even the most Midwest palate to try some new flavors.

Recommendations: Beef kebab, and be sure to try the sauces too! 

A Key Part of Mediterranean Food

Lamb, which is meat from sheep under one year old, has a large presence in Mediterranean cuisine (and is a personal favorite), but can be rich for those who didn’t grow up eating it.

If you’ve ever wanted to try lamb though, one of these spots would certainly be the place! 

And now, in the words of my Yiayia, aka: grandmother, “Kali orexi (bon appetite)!”

What is your favorite spot to get Mediterranean food in Fargo? Let us know in the comments!
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