Explore with Kids: Wildflower Grove Park

Wildflower Grove Park/Red River Trail

Ever heard of the hidden gem of Wildflower Grove Park? It’s an area of wildflower and prairie grasses right near downtown Fargo and the banks of the Red River.

Location: 9 Lower Terrace N, Fargo

What to do:

Explore the paths of Wildflower Grove Park between established plants native to our area.

Look for birds and wildlife.

And check out the nearby community garden.

Access the Red River Trail, a city trail that goes through Dike East Park and Lindenwood Park in Fargo. Right along the Red River, this path is wide, paved, and generally considered to be an easy route. It offers both sun and shade along with scenic views of the river. Head north or south!

Looking for more adventure? Cross over one of the two bridges connecting the Red River Valley Trail to Moorhead.

Why we love Wildflower Grove Park:

It has a spectacular wildflower bloom when in season.

Wildflower Grove Park is a great way to access nature while in the midst of the city.

Kids will love the engraved stones and can read garden-inspired quotes and rocks depicting the names of area trees.

Good to know:

There are no bathrooms available.

Be sure to stay on the path and respect the wildlife.

If you’re walking along the Red River Trail, watch out for bicyclists — they often come zipping down the trail at high speeds.

Looking for more fun places to explore along the Red River? Check out our posts on Lindenwood Park and Gooseberry Mound Park!
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