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Do you ever feel like you keep going on the exact same date with your significant other?  The same thing again and again, almost like the movie Groundhog Day?

Don’t get me wrong, I will take any chance to get out of the house with my husband.  Sometimes things at home become a bit too business-like; more about our tasks and routines than about jokes and stories.

When we are out on a date, it’s an important time for us to really communicate. Even though it’s often about our kids, it still gives us the time to gain perspective on the things from our day-to-day life that we tend to overlook. It is a time for us to appreciate our kids, the small, loving gestures, and the funny comments; a time to thoroughly discuss the TV shows that we watch when the kids are in bed and to have a glass of wine or two. A time to remember what life was like before the kids, before the mortgage, and before the 6:00 a.m. wake up time.

But we often end up doing the same thing: dinner at the same few places. We like to stick to what we know is good especially since our time is usually limited, but sometimes the “same old, same old” just gets boring.

It is so easy to stick to the same date routine. But it can be worth it to switch things up, to take the time to try something new. To get outside your comfort zone and create a new memory together.

So for the sake of variety, here are some fun date ideas to get you and your significant other out of the house and your normal routine.

Unique Date Ideas

Get Outdoors

Go ice skating, sledding, skiing (downhill or cross country), then maybe warm up with some hot chocolate or coffee. If the weather is warmer, go for a run or walk (or better yet, run a race together!), have a picnic in a park, or go frisbee golfing. Check out the Park Districts of Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead for a list of parks and amenities. And our Fargo Mom Guide on Hiking Spots Near Fargo.

Take a Class Together

There are many opportunities around the Fargo-Moorhead areas to take a class together. Try a cooking class from Square One Kitchen, take an art class from the Plains Art Museum or Midwest Mud, or try an exercise class from your local gym.

Search for Treasures

Check out some of the local thrift shops or antique stores to find some great treasures. Mix it up a bit and make it a scavenger hunt! See our Guide to Thrift & Consignment Stores in Fargo-Moorhead for ideas for places to shop.

Try Ax Throwing

Embrace your inner lumberjack! Get competitive and learn a new skill together with ax throwing. Check out Rough Cut Social or Triple Ax, both in Fargo.

Get on Stage

If you and your significant other are feeling extra brave, sing karaoke together or hit up an open mic night at a comedy club.


This is always good fun, best enjoyed (in my opinion) with pizza and beer.

Trivia Nights

What better way to prove you are smarter than your husband than trivia? Check out Fargo Monthly’s list of trivia nights are the FM area.

Try an Escape Room

This is next on my list of things to do on date night. I am a bit claustrophobic, but I am hoping that will be motivating rather than limiting. Check out Fargo Escape Room, Puzzled Escape Rooms, and Escape House Fargo.

So go on an adventure and try something unique and fun. Your old stand-by restaurants will still be there for the next date night!

Looking for a unique way to put all these date night ideas into a Date Night Box? Check out our post here!
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Leah Tennefos
Leah is a true Midwesterner: born in Minnesota, educated at the University of North Dakota, and living in Fargo since 2009. She has a degree in English and spent years working as a paralegal. Leah is now a stay-at-home mom to two boys, Andrew and Sammy. She spends her free time reading, traveling, and getting a good workout in. She loves learning, music, art, coffee, the oxford comma, and is continually pursuing the elusive goal of having an organized home.



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