Simple Christmas Traditions to Start with Young Kids

simple Christmas traditions
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The Christmas season is a bustling time full of excitement and activity, making it hard for families to slow down and truly experience the meaning of the holiday season. It is easy to get inundated with everything that needs to be done before Christmas arrives.

However, I challenge you to slow down and create a little bit of magic for your family.

Here are some simple Christmas traditions to bring the magic of the holidays into your home!

Bake Christmas Cookies for someone special.

One family tradition I have started with my children is baking cookies and sharing them with someone. Afterall, who does not love a freshly baked cookie! This is a special time to bond with my children and they love blessing someone with a fun, Christmas-themed baked good.

Decorate a Christmas tree with your child.

I love to have a Christmas tree in each children’s bedroom. It is so fun to spend some time decorating their trees with special ornaments they pick out. Turn the lights down low and play Christmas music in the background for an added magical touch!

Have a cup of hot chocolate together.

Make it a special occasion, offering additional toppings you may not always give to them. This year, I took my two older children to the dollar store, where they got to pick out their own hot chocolate mug. We quickly raced home to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate together.

Host a family movie night.

Bundle up on the couch, turn on the fireplace and watch a holiday movie together as a family. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn!

Write a letter to Santa together.

I always head to a craft store to pick up special holiday scrapbook paper, some Christmas themed stickers, and sit down with each individual child to write their own Christmas wish list to Santa! It is so fun to hear their Christmas wish list. Bonus: you get to learn what they actually want for Christmas!

Make a homemade advent calendar.

Do not let those Christmas crafting supplies go to waste. Utilize what you have left over from writing letters to Santa and together you can up the magic factor of Christmas, making an advent calendar to count down to the most wonderful day of the year!

By embracing the magic of the Christmas season in all the small ways, we can make this time of year truly special and meaningful.

What would you add to the list?

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