How to Transition from a Crib to a Toddler Bed

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As parents, we experience the challenge of navigating life as our little ones grow. One milestone that brings mixed emotions is the transition from a crib to a toddler bed.

My husband and I recently moved our son from a crib to a floor bed, and never looked back.

How to Transition from a Crib to a Toddler Bed

When my son was 14 months old, we decided to childproof his room and introduced him to a toddler floor bed.

The idea was to provide him with the freedom to explore his space independently right from the moment he wakes up. Little did we know that this decision would not only redefine his sleep routine, but also enhance his independence.

toddler floor bed
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The first weeks were an adjustment period. Our son rolled off the bed a few times during sleep, so we placed pillows alongside the frame. He also discovered how to open his bedroom door, adding a touch of mischief to the process.

After about a month, everything began to come together. Our son started sleeping more soundly through the night, allowing us to enjoy more sleep as well. And the floor bed gave him the freedom to wake up and engage with his toys immediately, avoiding the tearful wake up calls of the crib era.

One of the biggest changes we observed was his increased independence during playtime and nap periods. Instead of crying when placed in his crib for naps, our son now chooses to play if he’s not in the mood to sleep.

It’s heartwarming to witness him get up, explore his toys, and, when ready, decide to return to his floor bed. He has learned to listen to his body and sleep when it tells him to.

 Tips for a Smooth Transition

1. Childproof the Room

Ensure a safe environment by childproofing the room, removing potential hazards, and securing furniture. We removed everything except for the closet organizer, his floor bed, and a small DIY independent wardrobe.

2. Invest in Comfortable Bedding

Purchase a comfortable mattress and bedding to ensure a cozy and secure sleeping space. We used a twin size mattress so we can use it as he gets older.

3. Monitor the Transition

Keep a close eye on your child during the transition phase. Be attentive to any adjustments needed, such as bed height or room temperature.

4. Celebrate Independence

 Encourage your kiddo’s independence and celebrate their ability to choose when to play and when to rest.

Transitioning our son from a crib to a toddler floor bed has been one of the best decisions for our family. Giving him the freedom to explore and choose his own sleep routine has enhanced his overall well-being and brought a sense of ease to our parenting journey.

As we continue to witness the positive impact of this transition, we look forward to the many more milestones that await our growing boy.

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