Bike Shopping for Kids in Fargo: Why I Go to the Experts

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My 5-year-old son needs a new “big kid” bike for this summer.

As we begin our bike shopping journey, I want to make sure that:

  1. I make a good investment on the bike I purchase for my oldest son, because it will eventually get passed down to my younger son.
  2. I keep my child as safe as possible.

My son and I recently headed to SCHEELS to check off those two boxes on our bike shopping list!

We made our way to the bike department in the back left corner on the first floor of the store. Upon arrival, super helpful Bike Expert, Josh Michaels, greeted us to help us get started on our bike buying process.

bike shopping

One of the first things I learned was that SCHEELS offers both new and pre-owned options. And trade-ins are accepted for most brands of pre-owned bikes in good condition!

Secret Fact: SCHEELS has a basement…and it’s full of bikes!

So, know that the bikes you see on the sales floor are just a fraction of the bikes they have on-hand.

Find the Right Bike for Your Kid

To start, my son’s height was taken to determine the size of bike he would need.

bike shopping

We then looked at the options they had and chose one. My son sat on the bike to determine seat height. Then super helpful associate Josh did all of the adjusting and held the bike for him.

Josh provided information on the style of bikes and asked questions about my son’s biking experience to help find a good fit for him.  

Choose Proper Bike Safety Accessories

There is a huge selection of helmets, which are a must-have to keep your child safe. Josh educated us on the different types and sizes of helmets, and what would be best for my son. Helping him try on a few styles and most importantly, adjusting them to fit properly. Then my son picked his favorite shopping

I asked about elbow and knee pads, which they have on hand. Although it’s up to the parent what they feel their child needs, kneepads and elbow pads for beginners aren’t a bad idea.

And be sure to take into consideration where you are riding (busy in-town roads, trails, gravel) when considering what safety gear you have your child, or yourself, wear. 

Josh also suggested flashing tail lights, which the City of Fargo has included in their bike safety recommendations.

Accessories Add More Fun

bike shopping

The bike accessory options at SCHEELS are endless!

Bells not only provide an additional layer of safety, kids find them to be so fun.

Water bottles can be added to bikes by bolting holders to the bike’s frame.

And for moms who usually end up carrying all the snacks and toys on the bike trip, lots of basket options are available.

Josh also mentioned that spoke lights are super popular for kids. Kids love these flashing lights in a rainbow of colors added to their tires. Again, lots of fun for kids with a bonus of added safety during evening rides.

Tune-Ups for Parent and Kid Bikes

SCHEELS suggests doing a tune-up once a year on all bikes. Basic tune-ups cover checking tires, chain, breaks, and break pads. You can bring in any bike, regardless of where it was purchased.

SCHEELS has three tune-up options:


From start to finish, it was a fairly quick process. I asked a lot of questions, and it only took about 20 minutes.

Josh recommended planning for 30-45 minutes for a family of four to get fitted for bikes. And don’t worry, if you choose a bike and need a little time to think it over, they allow a 24-hour holding period!

Finding a high-quality bike that fit my son correctly and will keep him safe were my top two priorities. And having a SCHEELS Associate guide me through the process was so helpful in accomplishing these two goals!

After bike shopping, take your new bikes for a test spin on one of Fargo-Moorhead’s many bike paths. View a map of area trails here.

And for to see what else SCHEELS has to offer, see More Than Shopping, 5 Fun Activities for Kids at Fargo SCHEELS, or visit their website, Facebook or Instagram pages!

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