Hannah Kogler

Hannah Kogler
Hannah lives in Fargo with her husband, Tyler, and their daughter, Harper (October 2020). She was raised in East Grand Forks and spent most of her time growing up playing soccer, figure skating, and babysitting her cousins. She attended NDSU (Go Bison!) and earned her degree in Management Communication with a minor in Public Relations. After graduation, Hannah met her husband when he graciously offered to help her sweaty-self move a couch into her apartment. The rest was history! Hannah is fortunate to work at BIO Girls, an organization with an important mission of increasing self-esteem in adolescent girls. When she’s not hanging out at home with Tyler and Harper, she enjoys reading, working out, golfing and spending way too much time shopping. She’ll never turn down a margarita, fried pickles or a competitive card game with her large extended family.

What My Miscarriage Taught Me about Vulnerability

After sharing details on our miscarriage ‘publicly’ on Facebook and Instagram, these messages among the many condolences, thoughts and prayers, stood out.  “It’s so hard to share, but so important.” “Thank you for sharing this heartbreakingly...

Mommy Needs a Break: Lessons in Regulating My Own Emotions

It was a normal weekday night.  I had picked up my daughter from daycare. She ran to the gate to greet me, with a huge smile on her face. After checking her out and grabbing...
Having another child.

We Waited: Guilt from a Mom of One Wanting to Expand Her Family

Shortly after my daughter turned one, we started to hear questions and comments regarding our plans for giving Harper a brother or sister. Although they likely meant no harm, these comments were annoying and...
Complicated world

Raising Kids in a Complicated World: Focus on What Really Matters

We live in a complicated world.  There’s tragedy striking by the second across the globe, sometimes closer to home than we could ever have imagined — with natural disasters, war, mass shootings, cancer, terrifying accidents,...

My Postpartum Fitness Journey: Why I Focus on I Feel, Not How I Look

The other day I was sitting at the gym thinking about what was ahead of me. It had been a week of so-so workouts. I was lacking energy and motivation. I showed up physically,...
Time for self-care

An Unpopular Opinion: It IS My Time

The other day on Facebook, I saw a post relating to the sacrifices that come with motherhood. It detailed various things moms no longer have time for.  Some examples included:  "It’s not my time to travel." "It’s...

How I Began Healing from a Traumatic Accident with EMDR Therapy

Last September, I was involved in a car accident that flipped my car and my world upside down. Nearly a year later, I had to face the fact that the effects of the accident...

Moving with Kids: 7 Tips to Make it a Smooth Process

We recently moved into a new home.Although it was an exciting time for our family, at times it felt like a very emotional, stressful, and tiring process. And while I was excited for a fresh...

Please Stop Telling Me “Just You Wait”

As a mom, you’ve likely struggled through a milestone, decision, or phase with your child. Those times can bring up a lot of emotions ranging from sadness and frustration to doubt and sometimes guilt. These...
Toddler meltdown

Managing the Meltdowns: My Toddler’s and My Own

It was pretty close to a perfect Saturday morning. The sun was out, but it wasn’t too hot. Perfect for running errands. I got us both ready for the day, both wearing matching jean jackets. And...