Gina Dahl

Gina Dahl
Gina Dahl is a semi-experienced parent of 15 years with her husband Andy. On any given day you can find Gina outside running with her giant lapdog, leading early morning yoga, or teaching piano. As a direct result of having teens, Gina is widely known for being super embarrassing and wildly uncool while also talking way too much. She is greatly appreciated by her family, mostly for her tasty cooking skills. At the end of every day, she feels fortunate for the good things and bad things and especially the funny things that happen when you're a parent.
Gifts for teens.

Guide to Gifts for Teens and Young Adults

Sometimes I miss the days when my kids were more enamored with the empty cardboard box than the toy itself. I always joked it would make gift-giving easier, just to witness their pure joy...
elf on the shelf

Our Elf Tradition: The Kindness Elf

In 2005, a new magical Christmas tradition was born with the arrival of Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell’s book, Elf on the Shelf.  The story is simple, your Elf on the Shelf’s job is...
Best tacos in Fargo.

Best Spots for Tacos in Fargo

  Every day can be a version of Taco Tuesday, if you know where to look! Here is a list of my favorite places to grab tacos locally and why I love them! Best Tacos in...

Easy Lunch Ideas Inspired by My Asian Heritage

I love to cook and I love to eat. I especially love to create meals that remind me of growing up surrounded by Filipino cuisine and Asian-inspired dishes. My grandma's kitchen was always simmering with...

What I Want My Daughter to Know

What I Want My Daughter to Know As a mom, there are certain things I want my daughter to understand. I want my daughter to know —It’s okay to like girly things and not be afraid...
One-on-one time with older kids

Tips for One-On-One Time with Older Kids

If you have older kids with interests beyond coloring and thinking the playplace at McDonald’s is fun, then this article is for you!  Older kids are notorious for thinking spending time with their parents...
Driving with Teens

4 Helpful Tips for Driving with Teens

I now officially have a licensed teenage driver and let me tell you, it’s been a trip getting here! Many of us probably remember being excited and anxious to drive. Dreaming of how cool and...
best Fargo restaurants

Best Fargo Restaurants from a Foodie Mom

I am a food lover through and through. Trying new restaurants and flavors is something I share with my husband. Which, living in the Midwest, can be challenging. Then when you factor in kids...

Whose Pants Are These Anyway? Finding My Style as a Mom

The long running joke in my house on laundry day, is for my husband to pick up something and ask, “Is this yours or K’s?” If he asks our daughter, she will claim it as...
period kit

Period Kits: Opening the Door to Conversation with Your Daughter

So it's happening — your daughter is getting her period for the first time.Any woman can tell you when they got their first period and, more than likely, how unprepared and embarrassed they felt...