10 Simple Ways to Invest in Yourself This Year

Invest in yourself.
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This year, take the time to invest in yourself. Check out these simple ways to get started!

10 Ways to Invest in Yourself

1. Reframe Your Time

We’re all busy. What if you found you could gain more time back in your day by reframing your time?

First, we must reflect. Start by mapping out your day. Where does your time go? If the day ends and you simply feel busy, you might not be as efficient with your time as you could be.

For example, if you want to read more, look at where your time is currently going in order to place it elsewhere. How much time each day are you scrolling on social media? Are you watching many shows before bed? How do you utilize your lunch break or travel time to and from work?

Once you’ve determined where your 24 hours are going, start by making small changes. Watch one less show each day, cut your social media time down, or wake up earlier.

We all have the same 24 hours. Look for ways to reframe your day to get more time back.

How to start: Track where your time is spent each day, then start adjusting. Think of it like a puzzle, keep shifting the pieces until they fit right where you want them to be.

2. Invest in a Mental Wellness App or Book

If you haven’t started, now is a great time to focus on your mental wellness. As mothers, if we don’t prioritize on our own mental wellness, how can we equip our children to the take care of their own mental wellness to the best of their ability? Mental wellness determines how we think, feel, and act. Consequently, how we think, feel and act as mothers affects how our children think, feel, and act. It’s up to us to lead by example.

How to start: Check out apps, such as Calm, that provide a variety of support to bring mental wellness resources directly to your fingertips at any time. Apps can provide personalized content to help you mange stress and anxiety, relax more, get better sleep, provide meditations, and more to promote mental wellbeing.

If you prefer tangible items, look for a mental wellness journal or gratitude journal that provide daily readings and prompts for self-reflection.

3. Treat Yourself

Think back to the last time you made time specifically for pampering yourself. (It’s likely been too long.) Book that appointment now! Treating yourself boosts your health and happiness.

My favorite is a massage. I have standing monthly appointments, not just to help with medical issues, but to also treat myself. Once you make time for it, it’s easy to be consistent with an ongoing commitment to self-care.

How to start: Schedule a massage, book a hair, nail, or facial appointment, dedicate time to go shop for you, plan a vacation, or sign up for an experience. Once you decide what to do, act with a sense of urgency to lock it into your calendar. Once you commit and show up, you’ll be glad you did.

4. Use Your PTO — and Not Just for No School Days

Use your earned time off for your own needs. Whether it’s scheduling the medical appointment you’ve been putting off, or taking time off to simple enjoy drinks on a patio with friends, start using your time for you. Ask yourself — what brings you the most joy? Then start scheduling time off work to do just that.

How to start: Create a deadline to schedule your first day off for your own personal use in the first three months of the year. Soon after, schedule your next day so it’s on your calendar. Don’t let the year go by without taking time for yourself.

5. Start a New Hobby

Remember that hobby you’ve always wanted to start but never find the time to do? Make time for it!

Before you think you don’t have time, go back to step one, and reframe your day. Once you reframe where your hours are going, you’ll have more time to do the things you’re passionate about.

How to start: Reflect on the past few years and identify the hobby that sparks your interest. Take to Google or social media to start searching how to begin. Reframe where your current time goes to make time for your new hobby.

6. Develop Yourself

Make your own personal development a priority. We are never done growing and learning. And there are a lot of opportunities to start investing in your personal development. For example, listening to podcasts, following leaders on social media, or attending learning events in our community are just a few.

Also, connecting with people who have the same passions can also spark development. Pick an area you want to learn more about, find a local expert, and ask to connect over coffee. This is one of my favorite ways to learn more from others right here in our community.

You can also invest in your own personal growth by applying for local leadership programs or through attending conferences and summits. These events give you the opportunity to devote an entire day (or more) to focusing on yourself. In addition, they give you the opportunity to network. And serving with a non-profit on a Board of Directors or as a committee member can be a great way to develop your skills and give back at the same time!

How to start: Follow a new podcast, read development books, sign up for an event, or connect with new people on LinkedIn.

7. Find a Mentor

Mentors provide a way to help you grow, learn, and receive feedback. And can also give guidance and support. Don’t limit yourself to thinking mentors are only for career-focused growth. They can help you set goals, personally or professionally. And will hold you accountable. A mentor can be helpful at anytime in your life and at any age.

Peer mentoring is also a great way to create a relationships on a more equal playing field. Together, you’ll both be seeking to grow, learn, and hold each other accountable.

How to start: Leverage your current connections to start looking for a mentor. In addition, LinkedIn can also be a great platform to explore potential connections in your community.

8. Join a Community

Connection is key to our wellbeing. As humans, we long for connection and a sense of belonging. Most importantly, creating meaningful connections and maintaining relationships can help us feel supported, valued, heard, and cared for. For example, you could start a work out group, join a Bible study, schedule monthly lunches with your coworkers, host game nights, or commit to volunteering consistently.

How to start: Determine your passion, then look for a group to start or join.

9. Ramp up Your Volunteering

You’ve heard it before, helping others helps yourself. It is true volunteering provides many benefits, both emotionally and physically. Through volunteering, we can positively impact our overall mental wellness including our emotions, social interactions, and self-esteem.

You can also build a sense of community through volunteering with your family, giving a greater sense of purpose and understanding of what’s happening in our local community.

How to start: Pick an organization to volunteer with. Reach out to them to sign up and create a deadline to keep yourself accountable.

10. Practice Gratitude

Being grateful helps create a positive mindset. As simple as it sounds, gratitude actually takes practice. Consequently, the more you practice gratitude, the more you should experience positive feelings, improve your self-confidence, and overall mental wellness.

How to start: Share three things you are grateful for each day. Take it a step further to instill gratitude in your children — ask them what the best part of their day was and what they were grateful for that day. In addition, you can write thank you notes weekly, or start journaling.

These 10 ideas don’t have to be complicated. Start small with one area of focus. Then move on to another.

So, make this the year you invest in yourself!

What are some ways you take time and invest in yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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