Andrea Hensrud

It wasn't easy for Andrea to get the title of 'mom.' In fact, she fought like crazy for it. After years of infertility, more shots than she could count (and not the fun kind), Andrea and her husband welcomed their first child into the world, and two years later, their second. With 9 embryos on ice, she and her husband are on a mission to navigate through the trauma they've experienced and support others in the process. Andrea's background is in occupational therapy, and has worked at Beyond Boundaries for the last 10 years. While now a part time clinician, Andrea has created a health and life coaching business helping women through reproduction get their life back. If she isn't podcasting, coaching or ripping up the hallways at the clinic, you can find her volunteering at GiGi's Playhouse as board president. Her ties to GiGis are strong, as a younger sibling is a current GiGis participant. For fun, Andrea loves to golf, read, listen to true crime, and hang out at the pool with her kids. She also loves building forts, Legos, and playing Barbie's. You can find her on Instagram, her blog, and her podcast.
Pain and grief.

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