New Learner-Driven School in Fargo: Odyssey FM Set to Open Fall 2024

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K-12 education is not a one-size fits all. Education is a diverse ecosystem and Fargo-Moorhead is blooming with choices to fit your learner best. We’re excited to share about the newest school in Fargo – Odyssey FM!

About Odyssey FM

An exciting new addition to our community’s education options is Odyssey FM, an Acton Academy school in Fargo, set to open Fall 2024. Odyssey FM was founded after the owners, Emily & Michael Koska, struggled to find the right education and learning fit for their child. In the traditional learning system, they found their child becoming bored, and lacking creativity in their learning experience.

After exploring all the local options, they stumbled upon Acton Academy, a learner-driven school model centered around the one-room community schoolhouse model. Feeling inspired and aligned to the teaching and learning methods, the Koska’s decided to open their own Acton Academy, called Odyssey FM.

The Odyssey FM Approach

Odyssey FM is not your typical school. It’s a place where learners have the freedom to chart their own educational journey and discover their unique talents and passions. Odyssey FM empowers learners to take control of their education.

At Odyssey FM, learners are not just passive recipients of knowledge; they are active participants in their learning process.

Odyssey FM Core Beliefs

At Odyssey FM, there are 4 main beliefs that drive their education model:

  1. Each child has a gift that can change the world in a profound way.
  2. Learners should be closely connected as a unit, or “family.”
  3. Focus on learning to learn (e.g. processes and critical thinking), learning to do (hands-on projects and skills), and learning to be (contributing something meaningful).
  4. Economic, religious, and political freedom.

Here are some key differences at Odyssey FM:

Classrooms (called Studios)

Learners are split into studios based on age: Spark Studio is for ages 5-7,  Discover Studio is for ages 7-10, and Journey Studio (not yet established) will be for ages 10-13. The final studio, Launchpad, will be for ages 13-18 and prepare learners for their final send off into their adult world.

These studios are meant to resemble community schoolhouses and build tightly-knit communities of learners.

Hands-on Learning

Instead of sitting in rows of desks and listening to lectures, learners engage in hands-on, interactive activities that spark their curiosity and ignite their imaginations. There is no homework or frequent testing. Learners are only required to complete one standardized test per year. Progress is measured through mastery of skills and real-world exhibitions.

Teachers as Guides

Teachers at Odyssey FM act as guides and mentors, providing engagement and support as learners navigate their learning journey. Instead of lecturing and imparting knowledge, they ask thought-provoking questions, facilitate discussions, and provide feedback that helps learners grow and develop.

Individualized Learning

Individualized learning is key to success. No learner at Odyssey FM follows the exact same curriculum or pace of learning. Instead, each learner has their own learning plan tailored to their interests, strengths, and goals. This allows learners to delve deeper into subjects that fascinate them at their own pace.

Character Development

Character development is a core value at Odyssey FM. Learners will be encouraged to develop virtues such as honesty, integrity, and perseverance to prepare them for both success in school and life. On a daily basis, students will be challenged to take responsibility for actions and make ethical decisions.

Find Out More About Odyssey FM

Overall, Odyssey FM offers a refreshing alternative to learning and education. It’s a place where learners are treated as individuals, not just numbers, and where learning is seen as a lifelong journey of discovery and growth. By empowering learners to take ownership of their education and pursue their passions, Odyssey FM prepares them not only for academic success, but for a fulfilling and meaningful life beyond the classroom.

Check their Facebook page and Instagram for info on upcoming open houses!

Want to learn more about the Odyssey FM school in Fargo? Watch the helpful video below on how an Acton Academy works, or visit the Odyssey FM website or informational packet for more information.

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