Fun Outdoor Activities for Toddlers During Winter

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Engaging toddlers in outdoor activities during the winter season can be a wonderful way to encourage their physical development and sensory exploration. It can also help foster appreciation for our freezing-cold climate!

Make sure to bundle your babies up, and have cocoa waiting inside, because here are some winter activity ideas for toddlers to enjoy outside.

Winter Activities for Toddlers

Building a Snowman

Let your toddler help you build a snowman by rolling snowballs and stacking them. Then encourage them to decorate the snowman with things you have lying around the house —old hats, buttons, sticks, and other objects make great accessories!

Snow Angels

Help them lie down on the snow and show them how to make “snow angels” by moving their arms and legs. Let them explore the sensation of the snow and encourage their creativity.

Snowball Toss

Show your toddler how to form soft snowballs and engage in a gentle snowball toss. You can throw the balls back and forth to each other or bring out a small basketball hoop or hula hoop to make it a game! (Make sure the snowballs are soft for you to avoid any accidents.)

Nature Walk

Bundle up your little one up and take them for a nature walk in a nearby park, or around your neighborhood. Point out different winter elements like snow-covered trees, animal footprints, or icicles.

Winter-Themed Scavenger Hunt

A nature walk and a scavenger hunt go hand-in-hand! Create a winter-themed scavenger hunt by making a list of items commonly found during the winter, like pine cones, icicles, animal tracks, or a snowman. Help your toddler find and collect all the items.

Sledding or Tubing

Find a small hill where your little babe can experience the fun of sledding or tubing. Ensure their safety by using age-appropriate sleds or tubes.

Ice Painting

Fill spray bottles with water and a few drops of food coloring. Take kids outside and let them spray the colored water onto snow or ice, creating beautiful works of art!

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Set up a simple obstacle course in your backyard using cones, hula hoops, or small hurdles.

Guide them through the course, encouraging them to climb, jump, or crawl.

Bird Watching and Feeding

Hang bird feeders in your yard. And involve your little one in filling them with bird seeds or homemade bird treats. Together you can observe and identify different birds that visit the feeders.

Ice Exploration

Fill a container such as a clear box, Tupperware, or balloon with water and leave it outside to freeze overnight. Then for added fun, you can add a few drops of paint to it for pretty coloring.

Take the ice block and let them explore it using their hands, spoons, or small toys to chip away at the ice, build an igloo, or use it as a decoration outside!

Remember to prioritize your child’s safety by dressing them in warm, waterproof clothing, and keeping outdoor sessions short to avoid overexposure to the cold. Also, always supervise them closely during outdoor activities. 

While it’s essential to be cautious, also try to make the most of these freezing North Dakota winters by creating enjoyable and memorable experiences for your little ones. Winter can be a hard season. These moments can bring happiness and bonding for you and your children, so cherish these precious times while they are young.

I hope you enjoy these outdoor winter activities for toddlers!

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