DIY Ghost Garland You Can Use All Fall!

When it comes to styling my house for Fall, I love pieces that I am easily able to use all the way through September, October, and Thanksgiving. This cute fall/ghost garland is just what I needed to pull this together. Flip it around to hide their faces and its blends in with all your other decor for the rest of the season. Plus, it’s so easy to make and very affordable!

Materials for Ghost Garland

  • Hardcover book
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • 4-5 different colors of yarn (make sure one of your colors is white)
  • Black “Peel & Stick” felt
  • Decorative garland of choice (optional)

Step 1

On the spine of the book tape a piece of yarn from the top to the bottom of the spine. 

Step 2

Wrap another piece of yarn around the book 40 times. 

Step 3

Cut your string on the spine and tie tight, Do Not trim the excess yarn. 

Step 4

Flip Book and cut yarn on the other side. 

Step 5

Take another piece of yarn and tie it tight around the yarn about 1/4 from the top. This makes your little head of your ghost. Trim any excess yarn. 

Step 6

Repeat with each color (I made 5 tassels of each color). 

Step 7

Cut out a mouth and eyes from your “Peel & Stick” black felt and apply to the “head” of your ghosts. 

Step 8

Cut out a large length of yarn the width of where you wish to hang your garland. Tie each tassel in a pattern along that line. Cut excess yarn from the head of your tassels. 

Optional: You can add other garlands to apply your own personal touch (I added a white pom-pom garland at the top of mine). 

Happy crafting!

For the months of September and November, flip your ghost garland around to hide the “ghost faces” and you are able to use this decoration all during Fall!

Looking for more fall fun? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Halloween & Fall in Fargo!

halloween is an opportunity to be really creative
-Judy gold

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Chelsey Winter
Chelsey was born and raised in small-town North Dakota. After finishing up cosmetology school she married her husband Brad, they made Moorhead their home and began raising their children Brynlee (2011) and Joss (2014) there. Chelsey can be found behind the chair at her own salon, Chelsey Danielle Salon or in the stands cheering on her kids at the hockey rink. With each birthday celebration and extracurricular, Chelsey has realized her favorite hobby has been party planning or making projects with her kids. Now she would like to share all her ideas with you!


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