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How to Recognize the Symptoms of a UTI & Tips for Prevention

Got a UTI? Get Tips on Treating and Preventing UTIs for Good Ladies – let's talk UTIs. I'm sure most of you reading this have had a urinary tract infection at least once since birth....
how to get better sleep

Sleep Tips: Feel Refreshed and Less Stressed 

From soothing anxiety to improving mood, there are many benefits to getting a good night’s sleep. Learn more about what sleep can do for your mind and body, plus some great sleep tips!  The Importance...
How To Tell If Your Child Has Strep Throat

How to Tell If Your Child Has Strep Throat & What to Do About...

It's that time of year again, back to school — and back to germs. Colds, allergies, and strep, oh my! As moms, you've probably seen it all. But no matter how old your kids...

Bedwetting & Accidents: Tips to Support Your Child

Bedwetting & Pediatric Incontinence Bedwetting is a common issue. An estimated 5-7 million children in the United States experience bedwetting after they finish potty training. With 1-2% of those continuing to have problems into adulthood. Typically, bedwetting...
kids haircut fargo

Small Business Spotlight: Dandy Lion Cuts for Kids

Hello, friends! My name is Monica Schroeder and I am the owner of Dandy Lion Cuts for Kids in Fargo, North Dakota's only child-centered hair salon. I grew up around children in an in-home childcare...

Are You “Peezing?” 3 Pelvic Floor Exercises to Help

Many of us know the feeling — you have a great, big sneeze (or cough) and BAM, there's that little bit of leakage. You're not alone in "peezing." A majority of moms admit to some level...
hpv vaccine

5 Frequently Asked Questions About the HPV Vaccine

If you are the parent of an adolescent child, you’ve probably heard about the HPV vaccine and may have some questions about getting your child vaccinated. At Essentia Health, pediatricians strongly recommend parents get their...

Tension Headaches Getting You Down? Tips for Relief

Tension headaches are brutal — especially as a mom! They can affect you in so many ways. Causing pain, fatigue, discomfort, loss of focus, decreased productivity, lower patience tolerance, and accompanying mom guilt. A...
things to do in bemidji

Things to Do with Kids in Bemidji, MN

Over the past 35 years, my family has enjoyed countless summer weekends spent in Bemidji, MN. We have gotten to know the area well and in my opinion, it's a hidden gem in northern...
feeding therapist in fargo

How Do I Get My Kid to Eat? How We Talk About Food Matters

"How do I get my kid to eat?" As an Occupational Therapist, this is a phrase I hear often. Parents come in with their child who is struggling to eat foods, whether due to a...