Caitlin Olson

Caitlin grew up in a large family just outside of Fargo. After moving around in her college and Army National Guard years, she settled in Barnesville with her husband, Dan, in 2015. They have two young sons, Oliver and Finn, and two dogs – a Beagle named Frankie and a crazy Lab mix rescue named Haddie. Caitlin was the owner of a small blog and Etsy shop for a couple of years and a licensed veterinary technician for nearly 10 years. She recently set aside all to focus on being a full-time stay-at-home mom. She is hoping to homeschool in the coming years. Caitlin loves the outdoors and is passionate about the benefits of connecting and reconnecting children and adults to nature in a technology-saturated world. Since their infancies, she and her husband have strived to include their boys in all their outdoor pursuits, cultivating a lot of good life lessons through the triumphs and failures this has allowed them. They particularly enjoy hiking/backpacking, tent camping, fishing, gardening, and exploring the nooks and crannies of Minnesota, along with unearthing the diversity in their own (itty bitty) backyard. Caitlin also enjoys reading, woodworking and crafting, learning “homestead-y” skills, birdwatching, traveling, and writing. She’s on a journey of learning to source more locally through makers, farms, and other businesses and loves exploring these resources in the area. Her (unofficial) love language is coffee.
Transition to a stay-at-home mom.

POV: My Transition to Stay-at-Home Mom is Not What I Expected

Six months into being a stay-at-home mom, I was with my three-year-old at a park one morning. As he zoomed off to play, I settled down onto a blanket with a book. It was mid-week,...
Camping with kids.

How to Go Camping with Young Kids (& Still Have Fun!)

My husband and I were in the prime of our hiking/camping/backpacking infatuation just prior to becoming parents. (We were two steps from dropping everything and becoming thru-hikers, or so we like to remember it.) When...