discussing sex

My Kid Walked in On Us: How We Began Discussing Sex

It happened. Something that I only had seen in the movies. That always made me cringe and think, I hope that’s never me. My 7th grade son walked in on my husband and me, in the...

My Teen Contemplated Suicide: Here’s What She Wants You to Know

I was recently invited to try yoga. Prior to the class, I was filled with dread. I was convinced that everyone else would be beautiful, and fit, and have perfect balance. However, the desire to...

Divorce: Managing the Grief, Relief, & Awkwardness

Divorce is so awkward.  That’s something that doesn’t get mentioned enough. It's not in any of the literature about the emotions that occur during the dissolution of your marriage.  There is an abundance of...

Is it Difficult Behavior, or is it Mental Illness?

Why would a mom hide a scissors and a Boy Scout Camp jackknife in her closet? If you've had a child diagnosed with a mental illness, you may understand why.  I have four kids. With my...

Postpartum Anxiety: More Than Just Worry

My son was six months old when I had my first panic attack. I was sitting in our living room watching him play when suddenly I felt like the walls were collapsing in on...

I’m Just a Mom, Seeking Mom Friends

I always anticipated I would have a bunch of mom friends once I had my own kids. I garnered this expectation from the experience that my parents had. They always had friends with kids close...

Let’s Talk about Sex (and What to Do When We Aren’t Having It)

Let’s talk about sex. Salt-N-Pepa did it in 1991. And I'm going to do it 30 years later. But, let’s really talk about sex. Not the kind portrayed in every single rom-com. Where each relationship involves...
postpartum psychosis

Moms & Mental Health :: My Experience with Postpartum Psychosis

    Note: If you are struggling with you mental health, please reach out to Postpartum Support International at 1-800-944-4773 or dial 2-1-1 to connect with someone locally. I’m a little bit (ok fine, a lot) of...
adopted child

Story of Adoption Part 2: I Am an Adopted Child

For the first time I am able to share my experience as an adopted child. I was inspired by fellow Fargo Mom writer, Shar, who wrote about her story of adopting her daughter.  There are...
COVID-19 hard on marriage

My Spouse Works in Medicine: How COVID-19 Effects Our Marriage

COVID-19 is hard on our marriage and family. So much.  Before I begin, I need to point out that these are my personal thoughts and experiences. I know COVID-19 has effected everyone in some way....