5 Reasons to Choose a Small Pediatric Clinic

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With so many options for pediatricians in Fargo, it can be a challenge to choose one that’s right for you and your family.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a pediatric provider, from same-day appointments and number of providers to building size and location.

The pediatric team at ima Healthcare Kids Care is a small, tight-knit team of two providers where patients become part of the ima family. Their goal is to work with you to help your children grow up happy, healthy, and fit.

Their approach of looking at the “whole-person” involves wellness visits and immunizations, monitoring children’s growth, and addressing any special healthcare needs that arise. Sports physicals, developmental screenings, and behavioral medicine are all part of the services they are dedicated to providing in a welcoming environment.

Pediatricians in Fargo: Why Choose a Small Pediatric Clinic

1. Access

independent provider

Independent physicians and providers have more control over the amount of time they spend with each patient, and also the communication that happens after hours with those patients.

Another plus, no long waits for getting in for an appointment. Many times you can be seen the same day, if not the following day.

“Getting an appointment at ima Healthcare makes me feel like you are in a small town; they get you in promptly, and answer your calls and emails quickly. They truly care about the entire family. We are glad we made the switch to ima Healthcare Kids Care, and are so happy Dr. Jenifer Jones-Dees is our doctor.”

2. Consistent Providers

When you make an appointment with an independent provider, you actually get to see that provider, and are not passed from person to person in a large healthcare system.

3. Personalized Healthcare

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Small pediatric clinics are able to deliver more personalized healthcare and medicine. And they’re not held to any corporate policies that restrict what specialists they can refer their patients to.

“Dr. Jessica Kuhn is the most down-to-earth medical provider we have ever met. She always takes the time to explain things in easy to understand mom to mom language.  She stepped in and helped us with a lot of decision-making during a very anxious few months of our lives. Taeryn is four now and doing great.

– Emily Teberg

4. Prevention

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By keeping up-to-date with the same provider on important health screenings, vaccinations, and tests, you’re more likely to prevent or manage illness early on instead of at an advanced stage.

“Dr. Jones-Dees is a good fit for our family because she genuinely cares for my children. The relationship she has with my kids and myself is amazing! When I have a question about either of my children she always makes it her number one concern to answer it as quickly as possible.”

– Ashley Santiago

5. Independence

independent provider

An independent provider, has the freedom to diagnose and treat without a large healthcare group mandating care and coming between themselves and their patients. So your care is taken care of in a timely manner.

“We can’t say enough about the care that our daughter Mila has received from Dr. Jessica Kuhn. We feel like she really fights for the best option for her, and not just an opportunity to prescribe an antibiotic and send us out the door. Dr. Jessi is so caring, she takes the time to listen to all of our concerns and talks to me mom to mom.”

– Emilie Frenzel 

To make an appointment with the ima Healthcare Kids Care team, visit their website or call 701-280-2033!

Dr. Jenifer Jones-Dees
Jessica Kuhn, DNP, CPNP
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