10 Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Away This Summer

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While we are all thrilled summer has finally arrived, that also means so have BUGS! As moms, we are always looking for safe ways to keep those pesky critters at bay, especially in our own backyards. So we chatted with SafeYard Mosquito Control in Fargo to find out the top tips for keeping bugs away all summer long!

10 Tips for Keeping Bugs Away

  1. Avoid Dusk

Try to avoid spending time outside at dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active.

2. Long Pants/Sleeves

Try to wear long pants and sleeves when spending time outdoors. This helps with sun exposure AND as another layer of defense against mosquitoes and other pesky insects. The rise of performance/SPF protection clothing has come a long way! In fact, we wear long sleeve, SPF-rated shirts as a part of our uniform.

3. Bug Spray

Use an insect repellent containing DEET for the best protection when spending time in areas not treated for mosquitoes and ticks. For children, use kid-specific or a sensitive formula. For adults, use the highest concentration you feel comfortable with. Studies show that DEET is about 3x as safe as Tylenol when used properly. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s not a dangerous ingredient when used properly and it is very effective against repelling disease-carrying insects.

4. Cut the Grass

mosquito control fargo
Photo provided by Safeyard.

Keep your grass mowed to ankle height or lower and keep landscaping plants tidy. We focus our tick and mosquito spraying efforts on vegetation that is “ankle to head high” on an adult, because this is where the vast majority of mosquitoes are spending their time. We are not suggesting a barren yard devoid of any beautiful plants or trees! (In fact yards with lots of landscaping benefit the most from our services because we are treating lots of mosquito habitat.) Keeping your yard neat has benefits beyond the appealing look and curb appeal.

5. Skip the Bug Zappers

Consider trying products such as Thermacell repellent devices or DynaTrap UV light traps instead of bug zappers. Bug zappers are notorious for killing beneficial insects as well as mosquitoes and flies.

6. Wear Light Colors & Other Body Factors

Dress in light, neutral colors when possible. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark, bold colors. Other factors that lead mosquitoes to certain people include:

  • How you smell (floral scented soaps, deodorants, perfumes, and moisturizing lotions or even smelly feet/socks and sweat in general)
  • What you eat/drink (strong flavors can help “skeeters” find you easier)
  • Metabolism (higher body temp or higher metabolic rate = mosquito magnet)
  • How much you’re exerting (they love the carbon dioxide we exhale and the lactic acid produced by physical exertion, whether that’s intense gardening or working out outside)
  • Blood type (Type O blood has been shown to be favored by mosquitoes)

7. Limit Stagnant Water

While a minor factor in the grand scheme, don’t give mosquitoes any amount of stagnant water in your yard to breed in. Refresh bird baths, clean your gutters, tidy up any treasures hiding behind the shed, and fill in any low lying spots. Remember, thousands of mosquitoes can hatch from a single pop can filled with water.

8. Use Plants!

Use mosquito-repelling plants in your gardening plan. Plants to try include:

  • Lavender
  • Marigolds
  • Citronella Grass
  • Catnip
  • Rosemary (can also repel pesky cabbage moths)
  • Basil
  • Scented Geraniums
  • Bee Balm
  • Mint
  • Floss Flower
  • Sage
  • Allium (a favorite at SafeYard World Headquarters in Horace!)

9. Be Cautious with Lights Near the Door

Play it smart with porch or back patio lights. Turn them off for a few minutes before going in or out to prevent any bugs hanging out around those lights from sneaking into your home. When we spray yards we always apply product to the area around entry doors and the lights near them to cut down on the amount of bugs hanging out in these easy areas.

10. Call the Experts!

Our pesticide applications are a great way to keep your family outside more while enjoying your yard during the warm season months. In addition to reducing nuisance insects outside, most of our customers see no need for any interior pest control applications because if there aren’t bugs outside, there’s no way for them to get inside.

We use products that are as safe as they come for kids, pets and anyone else who spends time in yards. We have two small children of our own, along with three dogs and eight chickens. Our product choices are a direct reflection of our desire to spend as much time in our yard as possible while keeping things safe for those we love.

For more information on SafeYard Mosquito Control in Fargo and the surrounding area, please call, text or email us below for more information or for a free quote for our mosquito, tick, fly and other pest control services at your home.

mosquito control fargo


This article is sponsored by SafeYard Mosquito Control. 

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