Explore with Kids: Orchard Glen Park & Forest River Park

orchard glenOrchard Glen Park & Forest River Park

Location: 900-992 Orchard Park Drive, Fargo & 500 Forest River Drive, Fargo

In South Fargo, these nature parks are part of the Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative and provide beautiful scenery in a quiet, wooded area on the banks of the river.

What to do:

Orchard Glen Park

Pick and eat fresh fruit when it’s in season!

Explore the short dirt trail, perfect for little legs. It’s nice and shaded with some small hills.

Make a stop for bird watching and be sure to keep an eye out for deer!

Forest River Park

Use the kayak launch at Forest River Park to get a closer look at the Red River!

Explore the main paved path and the various dirt trails that lead off from it. 

Take pictures of flowers that you spot to identify later. Look for Goldenrod, Coneflower, Black-Eyed Susans, and other varieties!

Why we love these parks:

Orchard Glen Park

The trail is an easy 1.2 mile loop close to the Red River, with a community orchard providing views of trees, vegetation, and wildlife.

It’s a community garden to be enjoyed by everyone.

Forest River Park

It provides convenient access to the Red River, if kayaking is your thing!

It’s generally pretty secluded, nestled into a quiet neighborhood in South Fargo.

Enjoy country views in an urban setting at both parks!

Good to know:

There are no public bathrooms, but there is a porta potty at each location.

When harvesting fruit from Orchard Glen, pick fruit only when it’s in season and be careful to not damage the tree while harvesting the fruit.

The parks close at dusk.

Take care to stay on the trails and respect the wildlife.

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