Emily Duma

Emily is the most Norwegian Indian you will ever meet. Adopted from New Delhi, India then plunged into the frozen tundra she has called home for her entire life. She is happily married to her husband whom she met waitressing tables at their now event venue RiverHaven in Moorhead. Before becoming a mother to her two tiny humans, Taj (2015) and Revel (2017), she was a dog mom first and foremost. From as far back as she can remember, Emily had a hard time sitting still. She was constantly creating, dreaming, and living true to her little Gemini-free-spirit. Fast forward, and she never took her foot off the gas pedal. She carries a degree in Anthropology from NDSU, teaches as a sculpt fitness instructor at Mojo Fit Studios, and is a full-time Realtor at RE/MAX Legacy Realty in Fargo. Emily treats her clients like family from beginning to friend. She lives life with no regrets, and is willing to jump head-first into anything at least once. She is a family first, traveling, foodie, coffee, libation loving kind of woman who will talk your ear off, while wearing her heart on her sleeve.
kidco children's museum

A Peek Inside The NEW KidCo Children’s Museum!

The day you become a parent, your view on life changes. And you start seeing your city or community for what it has to offer your kids. KidCo: A Place Where Kids Can Be Kids Growing...

5 Simple Ways to Go Green at Home

Trying to do our part to go green at home and save the planet can seem like a monumental task! But I am a firm believer that small changes can make a BIG impact. And...

3 Essentials to Keep You Car Organized

By nature, I am a very organized person. It brings me great joy when things each have a designated space. That same concept applies to keep my car organized as well. And with my...

Working Mom Hair Care: Quick, Easy, & Stylish Options

Being a working mother, I have learned to master the art of getting ready as fast as possible. There are simply only so many minutes in the morning. With most of the time devoted to...

International Travel with Kids: Tips, Tricks, & Why You Should Do It!

I’m covered in vomit. She’s covered in vomit. We have been awake for what seems like an eternity. Seven time zones, three planes, two car rides, two trams, and one minivan later, we are...

Farewell Mr. Bear

When our firstborn came into this world, we were so incredibly lucky to be showered with gifts. One of those gifts turned out to be his best friend, his comfort animal, his everything. My son was...

My Secret to Reducing Dinnertime Battles With Kids

  The family meal is supposed to be a time for everyone to gather and converse, but for my family of picky eaters dinnertime battles were a regular. Food choices became such a point of...

Fostering Gratitude in Toddlers

Isn’t it funny how we try to teach our kids life lessons and they end up teaching us? Lessons that we already know, but perhaps need a refresher on. Gratitude is one thing I...
stretch marks

Learning to Love My Tiger Stripes

 I vividly remember looking in the mirror when I was in 7th grade and being so confused and frustrated when I first noticed stretch marks, or my “stripes” as I began to call them. ...