3 Unexpected Benefits My Boys Have Gained from Football

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Ever since my boys were little, I knew football would be in our future. Both my husband and I grew up watching this all-American sport with excitement for the intensity and elite athleticism football is known for.

Football was right up the alley of an all-boy household like ours.

Fast forward to this year, my 1st grader plays in a no-contact, flag football league and my 4th grader is channeling his love for quarterback in his first year of tackle football. When my boys first joined the sport, I expected to see the excitement of the game, all their extra energy burned, and some cool jerseys—but there is so much more I love about this sport!

3 Benefits from Playing Football

Our family loves this sport because of all the experiences on the field that have transferred over off the field.football in fargo

Team Players

First, football has helped our boys become better team members. I have noticed more and more that my boys realize that success is not just dependent on their individual efforts, but also in the efforts of others. Football is all about trust and learning in a fast-paced environment—a lot like life. This experience has helped my boys trust the skills and efforts of others around them in many situations.


My boys have built more confidence. Winning always helps our confidence grow—no matter the situation. But so can finally executing a play or making the perfect pass. Confidence is built incrementally and slowly with many humbling experiences in between. Football has helped build my boys confidence in the sport but also in school and who they are as people.


Football has helped my boys grow in new relationships with others. I love the diversity and accessibility of football! I love watching my boys interact with others who come from different families, backgrounds, and places.football in fargo

The sport allows you to come as you are and create a unique family with others you may not have crossed paths in other circumstances. Watching my boys build a family with their team lasts beyond the time they play on the field. Growing strong friendships and with others is something I greatly cherish as they grow.

Football is a sport that you can play in your backyard with buddies and all the way up to a professional level—with plenty in between! But no matter what brought you to the sport, there is so much more that it offers than just the game. If you are seeking team-building, trust, respect, and diversity, consider trying out a program.

For those families who play already—what characteristics and skills has your child gained? What do you love about this sport? 

Future For Football is an initiative by the National Football Foundation to promote and celebrate the game at all levels. To find a football league for your child, visit Future for Football’s local league finder. 

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