Teacher Appreciation Week: Gifts Teachers Really Want

Wondering what to get your child’s teacher to show your appreciation?

As an eight-year veteran teacher, I’ve received many gifts from my students and their families.

Here is a list of gifts that, as a teacher, I love to receive!

Great Gifts For Teachers

1. A Thoughtful Note

A sincere message of thanks or appreciation from a student is something I’ve always valued. In fact, I have a whole stack of letters and notes from previous students stashed in my desk. It’s nice to read through them from time to time, especially if I’m having a difficult day. Overall, this is a gift that your child’s teacher can treasure for years to come.

2. Classroom Supplies

 Teachers can never have enough school supplies. These items are practical and can be used in any capacity. Look for unique color Post-it Notes or shaped paper clips — anything that would add a little pizazz to the classroom or teacher’s desk. Also, I especially appreciate getting any sort of Paper Mate Flair pens or a personalized pad of sticky notes.

3. Versatile Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a nice gesture because they allow teachers to spend the money the way they would like. I love receiving gift cards from Amazon, Costco, Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Etsy, etc. Letting your child’s teacher know they are appreciated by gifting them a fun shopping trip is a kind way to say thanks.

4. Coffee Shop Gift Cards

Another great gift option is coffee shop gift cards. Most teachers are off to work really early in the mornings, so a quick stop at a coffee shop is sure to be a treat! Also, be sure to remember your local coffee shops along with the more well-known coffee shop chains. Even if your child’s teacher doesn’t enjoy drinking coffee, they can enjoy a pastry, tea, or hot chocolate.

5. Gift Certificates for ‘Experiences’

Teachers spend a lot of time outside the classroom grading papers and creating lesson plans, so any time they can take a break by themselves or with the family is appreciated. Some ideas include gift certificates for miniature golf, the movies, bowling, roller skating, or a food tasting event. Just think of the size of the teacher’s family to be sure the experience can be enjoyed by all. Experiences are a great way for the teachers whole family to enjoy time together.

I once received a gift certificate to a “moms’ night out” event and this was one of the most fun experiences I ever had. I was thankful this family thought of gifting me the experience and time out for myself.

These are just a few of the ideas that are sure to make your child’s teacher feel appreciated during this Teacher Appreciation Week! No matter what you give, just know that your child’s teacher appreciates any gesture of thanks!

What are your favorite gifts to give teachers? Let us know in the comments below!
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Ashlee Cournia
Ashlee is a wife, mother, teacher, and infertility awareness advocate. Born and raised on a farm in south central North Dakota, Ashlee grew up learning about the true meaning of hard work, love of family, and the importance of faith. After graduating from high school, she moved to Moorhead where she would meet the love of her life and future husband, Jay. She attended MSUM where she earned her degree in English Education and began teaching in 2014. In 2018, Ashlee earned her Masters in Education from The University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. After struggling through infertility for five years, Ashlee and Jay welcomed miracle twins, Hannah and Leo, to their family in 2019. They currently reside in Horace, ND, building their dream home in 2021. Ashlee’s love of reading and writing is manifested in her work as a full-time language arts teacher at Kindred High School in Kindred, ND and as a part time online adjunct professor at the University of Mary. She also works part time as a receptionist at Scheels. Ashlee credits her ability to juggle the demands of full-time work with her part time jobs to her parents, who have always showed her the value of hard work. Ashlee is blessed to have a hands-on husband and in-laws always willing to lend a helping hand. Ashlee has a passion for sharing her infertility journey in the hopes of helping others who are experiencing it themselves. She shares about infertility and motherhood on her Instagram page. Ashlee’s personal hobbies include baking, decorating, and shopping. She and her family enjoy summer road trips, weekends at the lake, and traveling to her parent’s farm. Ashlee wishes to share with her readers the joys and challenges of life as a working mother and her experience battling infertility in the hopes of inspiring them in their own lives.


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