Leah Tennefos

Leah is a true Midwesterner: born in Minnesota, educated at the University of North Dakota, and living in Fargo since 2009. She has a degree in English and spent years working as a paralegal. Leah is now a stay-at-home mom to two boys, Andrew and Sammy. She spends her free time reading, traveling, and getting a good workout in. She loves learning, music, art, coffee, the oxford comma, and is continually pursuing the elusive goal of having an organized home.
pumpkin recipes

3 Unique Pumpkin Recipes to Try This Fall

Fall is in the air and now is the perfect time to break out some new pumpkin recipes! Are you looking for new pumpkin recipes that are kid-friendly and not too time consuming? Check out...
maplewood state park

Day Trip from Fargo: Explore Maplewood State Park

Get ready for hiking and more nature fun - all nearby at Maplewood State Park!  Maplewood State Park Location: 39721 Park Entrance Rd, Pelican Rapids, MN  Near Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, this state park offers diverse landscape with...

Corn Mazes in Fargo, Moorhead & Beyond

Looking for a fun adventure this Fall? Take your family out to one of the corn mazes in Fargo and see if you can find your way to the exit! Here are some maze options...
orchard glen

Explore with Kids: Orchard Glen Park & Forest River Park

Orchard Glen Park & Forest River Park Location: 900-992 Orchard Park Drive, Fargo & 500 Forest River Drive, Fargo In South Fargo, these nature parks are part of the Urban Woods and Prairies Initiative and provide...
Wildflower Grove Park

Explore with Kids: Wildflower Grove Park

Wildflower Grove Park/Red River Trail Ever heard of the hidden gem of Wildflower Grove Park? It's an area of wildflower and prairie grasses right near downtown Fargo and the banks of the Red River. Location: 9...
things to do in wahpeton

Day Trip from Fargo: Things to do in Wahpeton

Things to do in Wahpeton, ND/Breckenridge, MN Head south and take your family on an adventure in the Wahpeton/Breckenridge area! Spend the morning at the Zoo, and head across the river to Breckenridge, MN to...
Hjemkomst Center

Explore with Kids: Hjemkomst Center

Hjemkomst Center Location: 202 1st Avenue North, Moorhead, MN  Along the Red River of the North in Moorhead, the Hjemkomst Center celebrates Scandinavian culture and heritage. What to do: Visit the Clay County Museum to view local artifacts...
Lions Conservancy Park

Explore with Kids: Lions Conservancy Park

Lions Conservancy Park Location: 1221 El Cano Drive S, Fargo This is a pretty, hidden park is nestled along the banks of the Red River, just off University Drive South in Fargo. What to do: Hike or bike...

Explore with Kids: Historic Comstock House

  Comstock House Located in the heart of Moorhead, Comstock House is a great place to take kids to learn about the history of the city and offers a chance to step inside a stately home...
bike paths

10+ Bike Paths in Fargo & Moorhead for All Ages

Biking can be a great way to check out different areas around town! Here are some bike paths in Fargo and Moorhead to explore with your family.  Favorite Bike Paths in Fargo & Moorhead MB Johnson...