Go Strawberry Picking at Country Blossom Farm!

country blossom farm berry picking
All photos credit to Ashlee Cournia.

Looking for a place to pick strawberries near Fargo? Look no further than Country Blossom Farm outside of Alexandria, Minnesota! With just a little over an hour drive from Fargo, this is the perfect place to take the family strawberry picking.

Country Blossom Farm

Location: 1951 Englund Rd SW, Alexandria, MN 
Distance from Fargo: 1.5 hours

Strawberry picking is a wonderful activity for the whole family, and it is also very rewarding! Country Blossom Farm keeps it easy for your family to enjoy.

Upon arrival, you will be given a crate for picking and directed to your very own strawberry row, where you can spend time picking at your own pace. As you stroll through the strawberry patch, the scent of ripe strawberries fills the air, enticing you to pick a few (or a dozen) for a sweet and juicy snack!

Be sure to pack sunscreen and extra water as it can get hot. You will also need to walk a short distance to the patch and be walking up and down the rows, so good walking shoes are a must.

Allow Time for Picking

It can take ten to fifteen minutes to find and pick a quart of ripe strawberries. That means it can take up to an hour to pick a full gallon of strawberries. Depending on how many you want to pick, plan for at least an hour (maybe two) for your adventure.

Also, it is best to get there as soon as possible. At the peak of picking season, it is very busy and later in the day it can get busy as well. Plan to either go in the morning or early evening, depending on the day and hours you go.

Why you should go Strawberry Picking

Strawberry picking can be an educational experience for the whole family. You kids will enjoy hearing from local farmers and learning where their food comes from. The farmers at Country Blossom are very knowledgeable on what they do and are there to answer any questions you might have. They can provide you with tips for picking, storage, and best ways to use the strawberries. Plus, you’re supporting a local business in the process!

When to go Strawberry Picking at Country Blossom Farm:

While the season varies each year, most u-pick strawberries are available during the second part of June or early July. Visit the Country Blossom Farm Facebook page to see when their strawberry picking season begins.
On your way out of the farm, don’t forget to stop at the bakery and gift shop. The bakery is filled with varying pastries, hand pies, donuts, and other baked goods. Be sure to check out their freezer section for additional ready to bake items, such as their famous chicken pot pie!
Enjoy the fruits of your labor this summer and head out to Country Blossom Farm for a wonderful family summer experience!

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