5 Reasons Your Daughter Will Thrive in BIO Girls 

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From the moment my third daughter was born, I already began to think about the world all my girls would all grow up in. Coming of age in the 90’s myself, I remember how challenging it was growing up as a girl before the age of social media and the internet. 

How could I prepare my 3 girls for the challenges of today? 

As early as kindergarten, I saw my twin girls start to deal with friendships, emotions, self-esteem and self-image. It was about the same time I began to hear of BIO Girls, a local non-profit dedicated to improving the self-esteem of young girls and boosting their mental wellness. BIO means Beautiful Inside & Out – how many times had I said these exact words to my girls over the years? 

I knew once they reached 2nd grade, I wanted to enroll them in this wonderful program to help them believe these words and hear them from others, too. I wanted to equip them with the tools and knowledge to guard their self-esteem, both now and when they have tough days in the future. 

Our BIO Girls Experience

BIO Girls Fargo
So proud they finished a 5K!

They attended weekly sessions in the Spring of 2023, and ended the program by running their first ever 5K! The look of pride on their faces was priceless, and to be in a setting where there was nothing but cheering, high-fives, and praise was so encouraging.

Here are 5 reasons why I think your daughters will love this great program, too!


What do participants love the most? According to past participants (including my daughters), their favorite parts are meeting new friends and their relationship with their mentor. BIO Girls fosters relationships that are built on a foundation of acceptance, celebration and resilience. They encourage connection, not competition. 

The new friendships my girls made continue to this day. Plus, the value of a positive mentor and role model in such an encouraging setting is priceless. While we offer a supportive and encouraging environment at home, the presence of another female mentor in their life is so incredibly valuable. 

Tools & Life Skills

Each lesson incorporates life skills to prepare girls for the years to come. Guides for things like how to handle conflict, address friendship issues, calm your mind, release stress, identify emotions, and so much more. Check out a sample lesson here! 

My girls aren’t on social media yet, of course, but they came home already discussing how to know when something you see or read isn’t a true depiction of that person’s life. They are already gaining the skills to know how to manage friendships, recognize their emotions, and normalize the many stages of life they will go through. 

Bio Girls Fargo
Photo of my daughter practicing for her 5K, provided by BIO Girls.


Seven in 10 participants experience an increase in self-esteem and 50% report decreased anxiety symptoms. Simply put: BIO Girls works.

My girls felt like they had a group of friends and leaders that truly cared about them. They came home from each session excited to share what they discussed, and asked so many insightful questions that are setting the foundation for critical thinking in the future. I saw such a boost in their confidence. 


Ah, the power of positivity! One way BIO Girls teaches girls to aim for a positive mindset is through one of their program’s pillars: kindness. Kindness to yourself is a theme woven into many of their lessons, including topics on body image, emotions, perfectionism and more. They also emphasize kindness to others. In fact, they have an entire session dedicated to a hands-on service project here in our community.

BIO Girls is Fun!

Simply put, it’s FUN! But don’t take our word for it, take theirs. My girls looked forward to every session, and always left with a smile on their face. My daughter’s face below says it all – pure joy. 

BIO Girls Fargo
Photo of my daughter at a BIO Girls session, provided by BIO Girls.

BIO Girls Registration Dates

January 16th is registration day in Fargo! Pick from 15+ program locations to register your daughter. The program is for girls grades 2-6. Each program meets for 12 sessions, for 90 minutes each. A session combines life-skills lessons, Christian non-denominational devotions, small-group mentoring, and non-competitive physical activity. Registration will take place online at www.biogirls.org/register. 

To learn more, head to biogirls.org or follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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