Shabby red table

So, it’s been awhile since I completed a furniture flip. I love doing it so much. It’s funny, because restoration projects like that are a lot like keeping a blog. They seem like an unattainable mountain of work, but are so enjoyable and rewarding once you finally get over the hump.

I recently completed a furniture painting project that is easily one of my favorites to date. This piece was unique and special to me because it is one that has been generations in the making. My parents recently moved into a new house, and downsized in the process. Among the countless boxes of my old crap that they gave back to me, was a shabby old drop leaf table that was in my dad’s room when he was in high school! He had been holding on to it for years, and never got around to refinishing it.


Back in his high school days (late 70s), it was red with a distressed finish. I can only imagine what his room looked like back then. And what kind of treasures he stored on the table. I know for sure that he had a black light, because I inherited that too. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!
Well, apparently my grandma tried to strip off the paint and refinish it at some point, (I’m assuming after he moved out) and she gave up half way into it. I chatted with my grandma a few weeks back and told her that I inherited the table and was planning to paint it. She told me that the table was originally salvaged by my great grandpa, her dad. Apparently he rescued it from a dumpster! It’s pretty cool to know that this shabby little table had been  passed down four generations. Now the pressure was on, I had to make it look goooooood!
One of my favorite things about working with chalk paint is that you don’t need to strip or sand before you start. I could paint right over the red paint, and I did.
I chose a vibrant teal color – Annie Sloan’s Provence. The results were of course, stunning:


Yup, I think I’ll keep her! As I mentioned before, there is something so therapeutic and rewarding about these projects. It feels good to lose yourself in your thoughts while you’re painting. And its so fun to watch a piece like this transform. I found the perfect place for this beauty in my basement, and now I can’t wait to decorate her!

Anyway, that’s all for now. This one was just too beautiful not to share.
I’m hoping to post again soon, probably with some more cat pictures and adventures.
Jasper is growing like a weed, and we love him so much. I’m so glad we decided to add him to the family.
Oh, and Jade starts preschool next week! So there will be lots to update on.

Until next time!



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