I’m back!

Well hello, blogging universe! It’s been a while. A good, solid 6 months, in fact. Woah! How’d I let that happen?

Well, life happens. Things have been busy. Good, but busy!

I have certainly missed blogging. This is my space to share my thoughts, mom adventures, and just what is going on with our little family.

Speaking of family…things are great! Jade turned four a few weeks ago, and we had so much fun at her birthday party. It was pirate/mermaid themed! We had the party at a hotel pool with a huge pirate ship, and she wore a mermaid swimming suit. It was a ton of fun!
But seriously, how is she four? Time just goes way too fast.



AND I can’t forget to tell you what Jade got for her birthday…a kitten! Yup, I had a moment of temporary insanity where I must have blacked out and agreed to get a cat. I’ve never had a cat before, and I swear up and down that I’m a dog person. But guess what? I love this stinking cat. He’s just too cute. His name is Jasper, and he is just a little baby. He was born in my brother-in-law’s backyard in Minneapolis, to a stray/neighborhood cat. We aren’t sure what breed he is, but he’s straight up adorable. And sweet. He’s great with Jade, and loves all of us. And our dog Gunner…well, he’s adjusting. Slowly, but surely these two are becoming friends. Our house is a lot of fun these days!

So you know, between the birthday party and the cat, I’m pretty much mom of the year over here! Well ok maybe not, but Jade still thanks me for Jasper every day. It warms my heart to see her love for animals.

So that’s pretty much what’s new with us. Summer is coming to an end, and we’re trying to soak up as much as we can before it’s over. We’re headed to the lake this weekend, but I’ll try to post more soon!

That’s all for now. It feels good to be back.



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